Fecha: 31/08/2020 – 01/01/2021 Autor(es): Alfredo Bruno, Maritza Olmedo, Denisses Portugal, Manuel González, María Angélica Becerra, Marcela Mejía, María Pacurucu, Alberto Orlando, Natalia Goñi, Juan Cristina, Doménica De Mora, ./Pág. 1-12

Genomic surveillance: Brief summary of the Influenza virological activity in Ecuador Reported by National Influenza Centre of Ecuador from INSPI

In these study we make a Genetic Characterization of the Influenza virological activity in Ecuador from January to August 2017. In order to study the genetic  relationships  among  Ecuadorian  influenza  viruses, samples  were  compared  with  additional  nucleotide  sequences  obtained  from  the  GISAID  computer  platform  with  reference  sequence  of  HA  region  and  vaccine  strains recommended  by  WHO.  Analysis  and  alignment  was  performed  using  Bioedit  software,  the  phylogenetic  tree  was  developed using the MEGA 6 program; In terms of evolutionary history the Neighbor-Joining method was selected; fasta  tree, AA dif, and Count GS order were used to establish the aminoacid residue differences, and we found a co-circulation of subtype H3, Influenza B and RSV mainly. For H1N1pdm were grouped within clade 6B.1, and related to the strain of vaccine reference for that year, regarding the H3 subtype were grouped within genotype 3C.2a, which are related to the strain of vaccine reference for the H3N2 subtype recommended by WHO in the formulation of the 2016 Southern Hemisphere and 2017-18 Northern Hemisphere (A/Hong Kong/ 4801/2014), but other group of Ecuadorian samples from 2017, were genetically related to clade 3C.3a, this cluster is more related to Northern Hemisphere Vaccine strain 2015-2016 and Southern Hemisphere 2015 (A/Switzerland/9715293/2013), so we could observe different genetic lineages of H3N2 subtype co-circulate in Ecuador during 2017. In the case of Influenza B we also had a co-circulation of Yamagata and Victoria lineages but the trivalent formulation only had Victoria lineages.

Keywords: Influenza, Tropical country, AH1N1 pdm, B, H3N2, Ecuador, Genetic Characterization


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